Nature Sanctuary

Welcome to all nature lovers!

If you are interested in nature (and who isn’t?) then Affinity will not disappoint!

Located in the Cowichan Bay Estuary next to the Cowichan River, the property is subject to tides and 10 of our 26 acres are behind a large dyke which protects the Guesthouse and related facilities, fields and the farming operation.  There is no better place to observe nature than by walking along the dyke which provides commanding views of the ocean, river and estuary.  There are benches to sit on or, for the more adventurous, put on one of the twenty pairs of rubber boots that are provided at the Guesthouse to venture into the estuary itself.

"Shinrin Yoku"

You will see birds of all kinds (over 200 species pass through), fish in the river, and the animals that live on the land, in the river and ocean or both.  Our favourites are: the eagles, herons, trumpeter swans, ravens and raptors of all kinds.  In the river there are seals, sea lions, otters and beavers.  And many more.

“Shinrin Yoku” is a Japanese phrase that roughly translates as “Forest Bathing” and is a form of healing that involves simply wandering along nature trails and spending time in natural places.  It, apparently, works!  So, while you are at Affinity, spend some time observing nature and, maybe, improving your health and outlook.